How to create an audience using Shopify and MailChimp

In a world of siloed data the company with un-siloed data is king, and if you are reading this - so are you. This tutorial will show you how to combine data from two systems (Shopify and MailChimp) to create a 1+1=3 type of audience ready to be activated in your favorite marketing system.

You will need the the following to finish this tutorial:

  1. A MailChimp source
  2. A Shopify source
  3. An unsiloed data mentality

If you haven't set up your sources yet, checkout this article and then get come back to this tab in your browser!

Ready, set, go 🚀

Create a composite audience

Head on over to the "Audiences" (1) tab and then click on the "New Audience" (2) button to create a new audience.

Scroll past the list of template audiences and click the very last button that says "Build from scratch". We start by giving our audience a name, this is what will be visible in the activation system so make sure to give it a descriptive name (1). In this toy example we'll call it "Composite audience - email campaign retargeting" and you will see why in a minute.

We will start by defining the Shopify profile filter, "Last order date: more than 90 days ago" (2). Now click on "MailChimp" in the left panel (3) to bring up the MailChimp profile filtering.

We check the "Recent campaign opens" and the radio button "Yes" (1). The resulting audience will contain profiles that didn't buy anything in the last 90 days from Shopify and opened one or more of the last 5 campaigns sent through MailChimp. Hit the "Save" button (2) and activate the audience in your preferred marketing system.

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