How to re-authenticate an account

When and why do I have to re-authenticate an account?

In most cases this is needed because the account has been updated in some way. The most straight forward example is when a user changes password or gets updated permissions.

Facebook for example will automatically disable your authentication if you have changed or updated your password.

How do I re-authenticate my account?

This depends on the platform, below are detailed instructions for each.


  1. Navigate to the activation tab of an audience and select the platform you need to re-authenticate.
  2. Click on the platform in the menu on the left (1) and then the settings button with the gear icon (2)
  3. Now you've opened the account setup view, this is where the magic happens. Follow the steps below:
    1. Click on "Re-authenticate" next to the profile picture and name of the account you are using.
      This will refresh the account setup view and you should now see an arrow between the previous and the new Facebook user. If you are re-authenticating the same user as before the name should be the same on both sides of the arrow.
    2. Make sure to select the correct Ad Account ID and the customer file source.
    3. Hit "Save" at the bottom.
  4. Supercrowd will now update the connection and you have successfully re-authenticated yourself!

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