How to create a Facebook Custom Audience from a Supercrowd audience

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This article will show you how to create a Facebook custom audience from an existing Supercrowd audience. Feel free to follow along in another browser tab, we'll be starting off on the audience view:

  1. Click on the "Activate" button for the audience that you want to sync to Facebook
  2. Click on (1) "Add activation channel" in the left-side panel and then (2) "Facebook" to select the activation channel
  3. In the modal that opens, if you haven't already authenticated your Facebook account, please do so by clicking the "Continue with Facebook" button. If you're already authenticated skip ahead to the next step
  4. Now we're almost done, just select the ad account you want to create the custom audience in from the dropdown (1), the source for this custom audience (2) and if you want to give this Facebook connection a specific name (this will only show within the Supercrowd app to easily let you manage multiple Facebook ad accounts for the same audiences).
  5. Hit save at the bottom of the form. The audience is now syncing to Facebook and will keep updating until you disconnect the activation. This means that in our example, if a user no longer meets the requirements for our "Most Valuable Customers" their profile will be removed from the audience and from the Facebook audience. This way you will never have to manually upload a new list to keep this audience up to date.
  6. Next up, head on over to the Facebook Asset Library to check out the newly synced audience:
  7. When you edit an existing ad set or create a new one you can easily target your new custom audience, just select it in the Custom Audiences filed in the Audience form group as shown below:

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